Friday, March 29, 2013

Decide Who Benefits From Our Money

For me( I believe, for many of us) shopping is one of the best method to have fun and release some stress. However, how many of us really think and decide who benefits from our money that we spend???

Every time, our money goes out is somebody else's money coming in. So, can we decide and choose whom our money is going to benefit??? YES!!! WE CAN... Shopping can be the way of giving to some needy person. This way of shopping as well as giving is FAIR TRADE. 

Third World Craft Nepal believes in the ethics of fair trade. Lets "FAIR TRADE TO REDUCE POVERTY"


  • With each purchase you will be helping over 1000 Nepali household
  • Your purchase means employment to many Nepali Artisans
  • Opportunity of education for Nepali kids
  • Better fulfillment of basic needs of Nepali Artisans

Consider purchasing items made by Nepali artisans. You can shop beautiful products as well as Support Nepali Artisans. You can Visit Here for ranges of items.

Here are some of the Samples:

Glass Bead Bracelet

Glass Bead Bracelet

Lotus White Metal Pendant

Felt Bag

Glass Bead Bracelets